CITAGE project was organized at six different locations, with a goal to review the best practices at national level with the help of civil society representatives what are intended to enhance the activity of elderly people in the society. Our primary goal was to present practices in all locations, which can easily be adapted regardless of the economic environment. Each meeting was organized around a special topic: physical activity in old age, urban gardening and outdoor activity, ageing and artistic activities, seniors and volunteering, community building and active ageing, inter-generational dialogue.
During the meetings the introduction of representatives of older age group into practices by animators played a prominent role. This is an experience-based approach that shows directly through experiences the practical aspects of each program for the elderly generation.
The organizations representing the elderly people were involved in the project together with experts of local governments and representatives of civil society. The aim of this broadened partnership was to launch a dialogue on the field of active ageing with all the relevant actors connecting to joint promotion of active ageing.
We assigned an important role to youth organizations in our project. Firstly, in order to involve young people strengthen the solidarity between generations, on the other hand, we relied on the activity of young people to ensure long-term operation of our international network. Our goal was to establish an international solidarity network for elderly people what can be the foundation of self-organization and societal activity of older generations.